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MOBA Mobile Automation AG and Volz Consulting create new joint venture, Volz Consulting GmbH, to operate in process optimisation and documentation in asphalt road construction.

The core of the new business is the formation of a software system for construction process optimisation developed by Volz Consulting: BauProzessOptimierung ("construction process optimisation") – or BPO ASPHALT for short. 
The system allows its users to plan and sequence tasks on construction sites simply and easily on the go, following the principles of Just-In-Time delivery. The system allows you to network mixing equipment, the HGV transport chain and the construction site into a seamless unit and to manage processes in real time. In addition, all temperature and sensor data from the MOBA-developed PAVE-IR Scan temperature measurement system are also integrated into the BPO ASPHALT system. The result is a unique overall system for process and quality management in asphalt paving. 
The solution ensures that users can fulfil the soon-to-be-implemented quality and documentation requirements of the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) and to create the required paving and logistics schedules. MOBA is currently developing a measurement system for thermally insulated dumpers, which is also set to be integrated into this system. 
BPO ASPHALT can be used on constructions sites by operators with no previous experience, allowing construction companies to improve their paving quality, reduce costs and cut construction times. 

Process optimisation and quality documentation in road construction

"Over the last year, BPO ASPHALT has made great progress together with our system users. In order to be able to offer our customers an end-to-end process management tool, we needed to give the system access to machine data as well as integrate temperature measurements. MOBA was the only company in a position to offer us this possibility", Stefan Volz, Managing Director of newly created Volz Consulting GmbH, explains. 

The joint venture also offers new opportunities for MOBA. Volker Harms, Chairman of the MOBA board of management puts it this way; "Aside from the synergies that we can achieve at the technical and product level, we also see the potential benefits of a joint sales effort. With our 500 employees and more than 100 international dealers and subsidiaries, we feel there are enormous opportunities for growth in Volz Consulting GmbH. As we are pursuing the strategic goal of achieving growth in the software and services area, this new development is a perfect enhancement to our portfolio of products. It makes perfect sense to secure this new technology via a shareholding in the company."

Volz Consulting

Pforzheim-based engineering firm Volz Consulting, which was founded in 2011, has gained a reputation as a pioneer in process optimisation. Through its BPO ASPHALT optimisation system, it has made it possible for the first time to manage asphalt paving processes on site in real time. During the course of last year's construction season, the performance of the system was demonstrated on pilot construction sites all over Germany. Other software systems, such as BPO ERDBAU (for earth moving work), are already in routine use on customer sites.

MOBA Mobile Automation AG

MOBA has been developing and selling quality machine control systems internationally for more than four decades. Many of MOBA’s systems have been designed for road construction machinery, and the development effort is centrally concerned with methods for improving quality in asphalt road construction. With the PAVE-IR Scan, the company has now 
achieved a system unique in the market for creating gap-free thermographic profiles on the construction site. In addition to this, MOBA is now developing a measurement system for documenting temperatures in thermally insulated dumpers, and is already at the test stage of temperature measuring processes for asphalt in the loading silos of mixing units. MOBA is also a worldwide supplier of such high technology as RFID, telematics, measurement and sensor devices.

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Stefan Volz (left), Volker Harms (right)
Stefan Volz (left), Volker Harms (right)
Construction Site PAVE-IR
Construction Site PAVE-IR