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MOBA France gets new corporate website

MOBA France Mobile Automation relaunched their Corporate Website with the latest technology, the homepage appears in a new Look & Feel now. The further developed Full Responsive Design provides a better display on even more devices. By this means a perfect display in 4K is already possible. The focus of the new development was increased usability and performance optimization..

Fast, clear, intuitive

Thanks to the extremely short loading times and new features, such as the extended search or the direct access to all contact persons, the visitor can reach his or her goal even faster. In the download area, one will find all relevant information from brochures to press releases at one click. New, high-res photo and video galleries invite the visitor to explore the MOBA product world.

Up-to-date and in-touch

The integration of the MOBA Community as well as the MOBA platform offers even more features. In this way, interested parties can directly subscribe to the new MOBA newsletter, search for specific products, and download related product pdfs. On all application pages, relevant expert contributions from the MOBA Community are now directly listed.

Check out and discover the new design and contents of the new website.